Advancing conflict resolution

Advancing conflict resolution

Dispute Resolution

At some point in their lives many people end up being involved in a dispute.

Whether it is with a neighbour over boundary fences, a customer with unpaid accounts, a business who has supplied a faulty product, or a challenge to a Will, each will cause a lot of stress.

Our focus is on identifying the nature of the problem that you have, providing you with options on how you may resolve it, and then working with you to secure the best result possible. This process may be as simple as writing a letter to the other party or it may require filing applications out in court. Whichever option turns out to be the best option we can support you in this process and advise you how best to resolve your dispute.

Staff who specialise in Dispute Resolution:

Dispute Resolution services

  • Private Client
  • Legal Aid
  • Duty Solicitor
  • Limited Licence
  • Tenancy Tribunal
  • Disputes Tribunal
  • General Disputes
  • Civil Litigation – Debt Collection
  • Civil Litigation – District Court
  • Civil Litigation – High Court
  • Advice on disputes