Helping families move forward

Helping families move forward


We provide expert legal advice and support helping you work through the complexities of relationship breakdown and separation to achieve the best possible outcomes.

This includes:
– Helping you stand up against domestic violence, obtaining a protection order to protect you and your children
– Making child-care arrangements that promote the welfare and best interests of your children
– Dividing relationship property, including matters relating to your family home, business interests and family trusts
– Making arrangements as to how each parent will contribute financially towards raising the children
– Applying for spousal maintenance
– Dissolving the marriage
– Making a will, taking into account changed circumstances.

We also assist couples with private agreements to determine the status, ownership and division of their property upon their separation or death should they wish to contract out of the relevant legislation. It is advisable to consult with us about this before the relationship has lasted three years.

Other matters related to children we assist with include matters relating to relocation of children, child abduction, paternity, adoptions, overseas maintenance and matters where the Ministry for Vulnerable Children is supporting children whose wellbeing is at significant risk of harm.

Where a person is unable to make decisions about their own property and care we assist in applying for a property manager and welfare guardian.

We will assist you in applying for legal aid to pay for our services should you so require. We also offer the free Family Legal Advice Service which you may qualify for if you have a low income and require legal advice to help you understand what to do if you can’t agree on the care of your children.

Staff who specialise in Family Law:

Family Law services

  • Parenting
  • Domestic Violence / Protection Order
  • Dissolution
  • Relationship Property Disputes and Settlements
  • Relationship Property Contracting Out Agreements
  • Protection of personal and property rights
  • Child Support
  • Child Abduction
  • Legal Aid – Parenting
  • Legal Aid – Relationship Property
  • Legal Aid – Domestic Violence
  • Legal Aid – Paternity
  • Personal Matters
  • Family Protection Act Claims
  • Challenges to a Will
  • Care and protection of vulnerable children
  • Paternity
  • Adoption