Supporting families across generations

Supporting families across generations

Life Planning

The goal posts keep changing.

• We are living longer. 90-95 is not an unusual age in our community.
• More of us need assisted living in the later stages of life.
• The power of the pension is ever decreasing. The Government is finding it
increasingly difficult to be generous with its money to assist.
• More Wills are being challenged by disgruntled family members.

We are able to advise and discuss with you many matters which fall into an area
loosely categorised as “life planning”. In particular, we can help with a constructive
comment in relation to the preservation of your assets and wealth base to ensure you
can afford to keep yourself in a healthy financial situation for as long as you need.
There are many (at least 7 in Rangiora) types of land ownership/occupation. We can
discuss the advantages and financing of each, including retirement villages and

We advise on all aspects of Powers of Attorney to ensure decisions as to your
personal care and welfare, and property are made prudently and in your interests
when you are no longer able to do so.
We help with issues relating to financial hardship of family members who may be
experiencing temporary difficulty, or have permanent disabilities.
We also advise in the ever-changing field of Wills. What do you want to happen
when you have died? How can your wishes be affected and a huge family argument
culminating in a Court case be avoided?

Who will pay for your funeral?

Staff who specialise in Life Planning:

Life Planning services

  • Wills and EPAs
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Elder Abuse
  • Occupation Licences
  • Government Benefits
  • Family Protection / Testamentary Promises
  • Estate Administration Probate
  • Estate Administration Intestacies
  • Estate Conveyancing
  • Continuing Estate Administration
  • Independent Legal Advice (Trustee or Beneficiary)