Each and every one of our clients, regardless of their circumstances, has one thing in common when they approach us: they’re all experiencing change. And we know that people affected by change need care and expert management for the best outcome.

Change is inevitable. Everyone, at some point, will be affected by life’s unexpected twists and turns, whether it’s the death of a partner, sudden separation, divorce, redundancy, dispute, earthquakes – or those changes that stem from something seemingly positive, such as unexpected wealth, or the job opportunity of a lifetime. All involve major life adjustments, and then begins the journey of learning to cope, accepting the ‘new normal’, and moving forward into the future.

Being proactive about getting expert support and advice is your best chance of ensuring you make the right decisions to move you forward.

It’s what we offer at Helmore Stewart Law. We care about how change affects our clients’ lives. We know how overwhelming it is to be faced with unfamiliar challenges. Our job is to help you navigate the rapids, carefully and respectfully leading you through to a place of security and clarity. We don’t pull any punches – we’ll listen with compassion, we’ll tell you what your options are, we’ll talk in language you’ll understand, and we’ll give you expert guidance on what your next steps should be.

True to our heritage of more than 130 years, providing legal services to the people of North Canterbury, we care about your life change, whatever it may be.